NewBoCo’s DeltaV Code School Announces New Nights and Weekends Program


DeltaV Code School wants to make it more accessible for adult career switchers to learn how to code. For those currently working a full-time job; however, switching to a full-time bootcamp can be a difficult decision to make. A new nights and weekends program aims to change that.

NewBoCo’s DeltaV Code School Announces New Nights and Weekends Program2019-11-13T16:41:53-06:00

Hard-to-fill jobs? Get on your game plan


It’s one thing to grow and produce information technology (IT) talent to fill regional workforce needs. Retaining that talent is quite another, especially when employers from bordering states are eager to lure them away.

Hard-to-fill jobs? Get on your game plan2019-10-28T14:55:25-05:00

Education technology could be Iowa’s next new frontier


Iowa could position itself at the forefront of global educational technology development, but officials will need to adopt a “strategic focus” to do so, a state-commissioned report says. In the report, completed in August and released Thursday morning, researchers with Columbus, Ohio-based TEConomy Partners found that Iowa could leverage its “significant base” of larger in-state companies such as McGraw-Hill and ACT plus noticeable research-and-development assets at area universities.

Education technology could be Iowa’s next new frontier2019-10-14T10:53:51-05:00

Iowa High School Tech Summit


On Monday, September 30 the Waukee APEX Designing Web-Based Technologies (DWT) team traveled to the Des Moines to attend the first-ever Iowa High School Tech Summit. The event was free to all Iowa high school students and was a collaborative effort between Principal Financial and The Technology Association of Iowa (TAI).

Iowa High School Tech Summit2019-10-09T11:27:26-05:00

2019 ITEC Fall Conference Keynotes


Mark your calendars, because you are not going to want to miss the 2019 ITEC Fall Conference keynotes.

2019 ITEC Fall Conference Keynotes2019-10-09T11:32:33-05:00
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