Dubuque — Northeast Iowa

Hard-to-fill jobs? Get on your game plan

DUBUQUE – It’s one thing to grow and produce information technology (IT) talent to fill regional workforce needs. Retaining that talent is quite another, especially when employers from bordering states are eager to lure them away.

“We were educating students and producing information technology graduates, but they were getting scooped up and hired outside of the Greater Dubuque Area,” said Kristin Dietzel, vice president of workforce solutions at the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation.

Unlike larger metropolitan areas that can promote themselves as technology hubs, the IT opportunities in the Dubuque area are dispersed among a variety of industries — manufacturing, banking, professional business and health care, to name a few.

“We realized that we needed to find a way to show students the wide range of high-paying tech jobs right here in northeast Iowa,” Dietzel said.

The Dubuque area’s IT sector partnership was up to the task.

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