Cedar Rapids — Southeast Iowa

NewBoCo’s DeltaV Code School Announces New Nights and Weekends Program

DeltaV Code School wants to make it more accessible for adult career switchers to learn how to code. For those currently working a full-time job; however, switching to a full-time bootcamp can be a difficult decision to make.

A new nights and weekends program aims to change that.

For the first time since its launch nearly three years ago, DeltaV is offering the option to take its Code 201 program on a nights and weekends schedule rather than as a full-time Monday through Friday commitment. By doing so, a student could theoretically hold a full-time job with regular hours, then head to class in the evenings.

“We’ve had a number of potential students express strong interest, but their life situation doesn’t allow them to get through the 20-week program without income,” NewBoCo Software Architect and DeltaV Instructor Keith Dahlby said. “We’re introducing the nights and weekends courses to lower the risk for students to begin their coding journey without leaving their current job.”

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