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Planning and implementation are well under way for 12 awarded Computer Science is Elementary schools, a joint project of the Iowa Department of Education and the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council. For Kingsley-Pierson Elementary, students are already building confidence in computer science after only a couple months of implementing computer science into the elementary curriculum.


Iowa State could become headquarters for $87 million national cybersecurity institute


Iowa manufacturers face a tough choice in the coming years: Fail to adapt to new technology and fall behind, or try to keep up and risk a wave of crippling digital attacks. As executives and state officials push toward Industry 4.0 — with factories and machines outfitted with sensors that constantly communicate with one another — cyber security experts worry defenses won't keep up. Companies will be vulnerable to hackers bent on shutting down a business just for the story. Professors at Iowa State University hope to be on the front lines of fortifying the defense.

Iowa State could become headquarters for $87 million national cybersecurity institute2019-12-10T17:53:39-06:00

NewBoCo’s DeltaV Code School Announces New Nights and Weekends Program


DeltaV Code School wants to make it more accessible for adult career switchers to learn how to code. For those currently working a full-time job; however, switching to a full-time bootcamp can be a difficult decision to make. A new nights and weekends program aims to change that.

NewBoCo’s DeltaV Code School Announces New Nights and Weekends Program2019-11-13T16:41:53-06:00

Cedar Valley Makers


Cedar Valley Makers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) with the mission to promote collaborative learning, creative design and manufacturing for people of all ages and skill levels. They provide education by giving access to tools, machines and training inside their makerspace and by promoting and planning educational events that can forward scientific thinking, learning and entrepreneurial spirit for all members of their community. 

Cedar Valley Makers2019-11-06T15:03:12-06:00

Hard-to-fill jobs? Get on your game plan


It’s one thing to grow and produce information technology (IT) talent to fill regional workforce needs. Retaining that talent is quite another, especially when employers from bordering states are eager to lure them away.

Hard-to-fill jobs? Get on your game plan2019-10-28T14:55:25-05:00

Carnegie-Stout Public Library Maker Space


The Carnegie-Stout Public Library Maker Space in Dubuque, IA brings people together to share their skills, ideas, work on projects, and enrich their lives, and is open during all hours that the library is open. Some of the STEM technology available for use include 3D Printers and MakerBot 3D Scanners, Raspberry Pi, Adobe Creative Cloud software, TinkerCAD software, Snap Circuits and littleBits, Ozobots, Squishy Circuits, and more! 

Carnegie-Stout Public Library Maker Space2019-10-22T09:15:17-05:00

Checkout STEM


Activities and information about how to create checkout kits designed to support the development of literacy and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) experiences for K-3 children and their families.

Checkout STEM2019-10-17T09:49:41-05:00

Education technology could be Iowa’s next new frontier


Iowa could position itself at the forefront of global educational technology development, but officials will need to adopt a “strategic focus” to do so, a state-commissioned report says. In the report, completed in August and released Thursday morning, researchers with Columbus, Ohio-based TEConomy Partners found that Iowa could leverage its “significant base” of larger in-state companies such as McGraw-Hill and ACT plus noticeable research-and-development assets at area universities.

Education technology could be Iowa’s next new frontier2019-10-14T10:53:51-05:00
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