IT-Adventures, which is in its 13th year of operation, is an innovative program that is dedicated to increasing interest in and awareness of technology among high school students through inquiry-based learning focused on four content areas: Cyber Defense, Smart-IT, Robotics, and Community Service.

IT-Adventures utilizes secondary, post-secondary, and industry partnerships in educational programming, competitive events and service learning projects aimed at the high school students, to accomplish its goal.

By using an inquiry-based approach students can explore technology in a non-threatening, experimental environment. Modeled upon two years of successful pilot project high school cyber defense competitions, the basis of the program is the formation of clubs high schools across Iowa. The IT-Adventures Club provides an avenue for students to gain access to educational materials from Iowa State University (ISU) and to ask questions of technology professionals.

The capstone event for students who participate in IT-Adventures is a one-day event, named the IT-Olympics, on the ISU campus. It features high school students showcasing the technology knowledge they have gained during the year. IT-Olympics is also a celebration of technology, and is open to the public. Family members, high school counselors, teachers, and the general public can watch the students in their quest to be the best, or can explore technology careers and opportunities on their own.

To participate in IT-Adventures you need to have your club registered (clubs can be formed as part of a school or a group like Boy / Girl Scouts, 4H, home school group, etc.–register a 2019-2020 club here). IT-Adventures and IT-Olympics is only open to high school age clubs (9th grade through 12th grade).